Sunday, 21 January 2018

Coptic Storms

For those of you who have asked me about Coptic storms that we have annually here in Cyprus.

The Ancient Weather Lore of Arabia listed a series of gales, which occur regularly in the Eastern Mediterranean area. They generally set in from the South West & veer to the West * North West. The average duration is three days & their occurrence rarely deviates more than forty-eight hours from the dates shown below.

 Coptic table:
Arabic Name

27 SeptemberEl Saleeb WindsCross Wind
21 OctoberEl SaleebishCrusade
26 November*El MicknessBroom Gale
6 DecemberKassimGale
20 DecemberEl Fedra El SaggiraSmall Feeder Gale
11 January *UnnamedGale
19 JanuaryEl Fedra El KebiraLarge Feeder Gale
28 JanuaryUnnamedGale
18 February *El Shams El SeghiraSmall Sun Gale
10 MarchEl HossoomEquinox Gale
20 March *El Shams El KebiraBig Sun Gale
25 MarchHawaWind Gale
29 AprilKhamseen WindsSand-Laden-Wind
* These gales are supposed to be exceptionally strong!
The above states that, for a gale to be "Coptic", it should start on the given date ±2 days, it should last three days, it should start in the SW quarter and it should be "gale", at least for all the winter ones (November to March). By definition, a near gale or a gale should blow with average wind speeds in the range 14 to 24 m/s.
Table above will be good for those planning holidays here between September and April. It's usually pretty accurate. A lot of the storms carry red or yellow dust which is difficult to clean off cars and outdoor furniture!! The rain is also monsoon like and if you're out driving it's best to stop as windscreen wipers have little or no effect. Many of the scary thunder and lightening storms seem to happen overnight for some reason.
Hope this helps.

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