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Friday, 1 March 2013

Sunshine and pots.

Now I know this is not cards or crafts but it is sunshine!!! And it is where I first began making cards and being crafty.

 I thought I'd let you take a peep at our lovely terrace of the house we lived in when we first arrived here in Cyprus. A beautiful house full of built in stone furniture. Now that may sound strange but it really did fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

Can you see peaking over the top of the house a bell tower. Yes we were very close to the village church with four bells in the bell tower!!! Sunday mornings and Festivals were not a time to have a lazy morning, they certainly made sure you knew it was time for church.

It had a huge almond orchard which was constantly needing attention and sadly it took its toll on us and we had to move on to somewhere with not so big a garden but it did have a swimming pool and was NOT next to a church. But more of that in a future posting.

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