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Monday, 4 March 2013

Anchors Away!!!!

Today is Monday and that means it's Craft Group Day. I along with another expat friend run a Craft Group at one of the local hotels. We don't get paid or anything it's just something we both enjoy and it brings fellow crafters over here together. We've only one 'proper' craft shop here but even that mainly caters for knitters and patchworking. So a lot of stuff is bought online ....if we can find someone who'll not charge an arm and a leg for postage. Others bring it over with them when they've visited the UK or friends bring stuff out. Or if like me  have some very special online friends who kindly send me yummy goodies from time to time......bless them all xx

Anyway I digress. Today's sesssion was lead by my colleague and she chose to demo a male card using an anchor template. Men's cards are not my faves but I went along armed with a lovely background of a lighthouse that I found in my stash.  I loved the colours. The template was used as the card front and 'hinged' to the background.

I used grey mottled background paper for the anchor and wrapped white chord around it as the anchor rope. I rolled the little bit that was left over and glued to one side of the anchor. I found some green net in my craft box.....the box where you put stuff just in case in might come in handy!!! I've lots of stuff like that.....typical crafter mentality!!....well a hoarder really lol I then added tiny pebbles from the local beach. I had some shells and sand too but I don't think it needed anything else. The greeting came with the background image. I don't know where from so sorry can't help. But if anyone wants it send me your email addie and I'll forwarded it on to you no probs. And that was it oh apart from the peel off edging which to me looked like rope or pebbles so fitted the theme.

So that was this week's man's card. So another to add to the stash. I'm off now to do butterflys for CD Sundays Challenge....much more me than anchors!!!

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