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Friday, 17 May 2013

Flower Festival

We had a lovely day yesterday even tho the weather is being a wee bit naughty at the moment.

We visited the Annual Flower Festival at the church in Paphos. The church is Ayia Kyriaki or also know locally as St Paul's Pillar. As it is said that when St Paul visited Cyprus he was tied to a pillar and flogged. The 'pillar' can still be seen in the grounds of this very old Byzantine church. It is used for worship by both Anglicans and Catholics and many wedding ceremonies are performed here.

What a lot of work and thought went into the floral arrangements. Each display was based around 'The Book of Proverbs'. 'Proverbs' contains wise and weighty sentences, regulating the morals of all and directing everyone to wisdom and virtue. The displays were created by Members of the Anglican and Latin Catholic church and the Paphos Flower Club and their friends.They must have spent many hours discussing how they were to interpret each one.

 I did take one or two piccie but really they don't do them justice.

This was created by one of my Monday Crafters, Wilma. So I had to take a piccie. She's interpreted the  'Proverb' well I think. Using the colours of red wine, white and rose. Adding a display of food at floor level.

Chapter 9 v 1-6
 'Come eat my food and drink the wine I have mixed Leave your simple ways and you will live, walk in the way of understanding'

All proceeds from the Flower Festival will go to three local charities. St Michael's Hospice, the Paphos Heart Association and the Ex-patriates Kidney Patients Association. The Kidney Patients Charity is the charity that my partner is chairman of and I help organise fund raising events.

A Flower Arranger's Prayer

'May God grant that our hearts, our eyes and our hands may receive inspiration, enabling us to glorify His House with the beauty of the leaves and blossoms which He has created.'

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